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Your Loveworld Day 2

If there were no answers to prayers, then prayers will be useless. When it concerns you, you can pray the faith prayer once, but when it involves others, you must do it continuously, prevailing prayer. 1Tim 2:1-4
God doesn’t tell us to do something that doesn’t have results.
Most of the problems in some countries is because the Christians there didn’t pray as much as they should have. Learn to pray for your country, learn to pray for your city; for your community, otherwise you are going to let Satan exercise dominion where you should have.

Christianity is not a religion! When you understand the scriptures you’ll know that it is not a religion, it is the living and pulsating life of God in you. If you have the Son of God, you have life. Not the biological type of life, the God kind of life.

Luke 22:52-54, Acts 26:15-17, Col 1:12-13

Someone can have an agenda and make you do what you should never have done.
Timing is Important!! Question, what time is it now? What time are we living in now? What does the future hold?

If God is going to do something with your life that would be beyond your local community, you have to have a vision that is beyond your local community. If you don’t have that care; that concern beyond your family, beyond your local community; your world will be small.
What time are we living in today? Can the Antichrist rule the world today? No, we(the church) will disallow him. John 2:1-4, 7:1-5, Luke 21: 20-  Matt 24:1-3, 23:37-39

There is a time in God’s plan that the gentiles will tread Jerusalem. The times of the gentiles are times they will dominate Isreal, they are times God uses them as judge, to carry out his plans in the Earth.

The times of the gentiles started when a new pharaoh who knew not Joseph started ruling Egypt, when Isrealites were made slaves.

Jesus gave us authority in His name and He told us to use it. We have to use his authority. We cannot be afraid of anything and that’s why we pray in the Name of Jesus and we command peace in our nation.

What’s happening now is supposed to be in full action after the rapture of the church. The signs are there everywhere. We don’t have so much time. The coming of the Lord is very near. It is so close, the things that are being prepared now are supposed to be prepared after rapture.

In your life think of how to lift burdens. There are too many people suffering in the World. That’s why you have to learn to pray for others and love others.”

We are closer to the Rapture of the Church and the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus like never before. In the Time Table of God, We should expect the rapture of the Church 2,000 years after Jesus ascended unto heaven..

Don’t ever find yourself using your influence or affluence against the Church. God knows how to deliver His Church from every type of trouble. But those that put them into it, ….there is no telling of what will become of their future.” Study Mordecai, Harman and Esther. Be wise, keep your tongue, talent, treasure and time away from destroying God’s most precious treasure – THE CHURCH

The Bible does not leave us guessing… God’s ways are not a mystery to his Children; they are only a mystery to the world…It is given to us to understand the mysteries of the Kingdom.

The coming of the Lord is very, very near! Get ready now. Tomorrow, you’ll learn how to prepare your life after the pandemic.”  ENSURE YOU PARTICIPATE AND HOOK UP AN ALL LIVE ON ANY OF THE LOVEWORLD NETWORKS!

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