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Who is a Partner?

A partner is a person who understands and aligns him/herself to the vision of this ministry and is committed to giving regularly and consistently towards the various arms of partnership while praying towards the success of the cause of all our partnership arms and ministry programs as well as attends and invites others to our ministry programs. There are various Partnership arms of the Ministry, which present a wonderful opportunity for you to connect with the grace and unique anointing that rests upon our Ministry. At Christ Embassy Houston, we focus on the arms of partnership listed below:

rhap300x265The Rhapsody of Realities or ROR as it is otherwise called is the foremost Christian daily devotional that has been in print since January 2001. It is now being translated in over 800 languages ( and still counting). It has arguably emerged as the world’s most widely read daily devotional, with over 600million copies distributed since its inception. It is a material that has blessed millions of people the world over and it is a major evangelical tool for soul wining. I encourage you to not only acquire it for yourself on a monthly basis, but to be a sponsor for others to also get it. Partner with Rhapsody today!

logonewThe healing school is the healing arm of our Ministry through healing is divinely administers to people. Most of those who have been to the healing school have been written off by hospitals. Through the activities of the healing thousands of lives have been given a new lease on life. Partner today with the Healing School and you would be glad you do.


LoveworldSat is our Ministry’s satellite television broadcasting station, which has been in existence since 2003. The LoveworldSat, broadcast to the entire Southern Africa region, South East Asia
Europe, West and East African and the Americas. It is a station that is solely dedicated to the active spreading the gospel all around the world and its impacts since its existence have been extremely phenomenal. Partnering with LoveworldSat is partnering with God in global evangelization.


The Innercity Mission for children is our Ministry arm that is dedicated to taking care of indigent children all around the world. Over through its pivotal activities in helping under privileged children the United Nations has given it a stamp of approval as recognized non governmental agency providing essential services to under privileged children all around the world. When you partner with the ICM, you are helping to advance the impact of the gospel, thus making our world a better place.

internetPartnering with the Internet Multimedia Ministry gives you the opportunity to enjoy the following: “The liberal soul shall be made fat; and he that watereth shall be watered also himself”(Prov 11:25). The anointing to heal will be functional in your life. In addition, you are joining forces with Pastor Chris in reaching the world for Christ with His glorious Gospel (Eccl. 4:9), and this gives you an opportunity to partake of the grace upon our man of God (Phil. 1: 3-5, 7)


The Campus Ministry is a unique arm of the ministry, which caters for the university and other tertiary institutions students. It is a very strategic as we are able to reach these young men and women while they are still on campus and win them for Christ. Get involved in the Campus Ministry by partnering with them.

TEEVO_March_2016_d80k-jsTeeVo  is our ministry’s daily devotional for our teenagers and it’s published ever month. You can Partner by sponsoring a number of copies every month to be distributed to secondary school students. This is a very important partnership arm, as it helps in instilling proper Christian values in our teenager as well as helping them to develop steadily in matters that are spiritual in nature.

hqdefaultOne of our ministry goals is to keep the bible as the number one most widely read book in the world. We strive to make bibles available to people all around the world for them to have unrestricted access to the Word of God for their personal growth and spiritual development.  Sponsoring a bible for free distribution is a worthy course and something that every committed Christian should invest in.  You are welcome to bible sponsorship!!

Loveworld-Live-TV-from-NigeriaEvery time you watch Pastor Chris on any other station, it’s because of LTM partnership. Despite the fact we have our television broadcasting stations, we recognize the need to propagate the gospel on other television stations as well so that wider audience can be reached for the Lord. This is purely a soul wining platform dedicated to making sure that people have the opportunity to hear the gospel so that they also can believe and be converted. Choose to partner with LTM.



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