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Youth Ministry

In the heart of every young person is a God given dream and destiny. Many young people around the world engage in various activities in pursuit of their dreams. Success and true fulfillment in life is, however, a product of God‘s Word.

The May youth meeting with Pastor Lawrence in Pretoria Central was a wonderful experience for all the youth in participation. They gathered together to enjoy an amazing time of fellowship with the Holy Spirit and have the opportunity to meet with Pastor Lawrence.

The meeting began with a fervent prayer session. The prayer session was proceeded by an impactful lecture from Pastor Joshua. He shared with the youths on the importance of Meditation and reminded them that May is the perfect month to program with Gods word through meditation. Pastor Joshua urged the youth to take advantage of the month of Meditation.

The climax of the meeting was when the Man of God Pastor Lawrence graced the auditorium and began teaching and answering the questions some of the youths posed.

The man of God began by sharing with the youths the importance of developing a relationship with the Holy Spirit. He continued to share that as youths they have the grace to develop a culture of excellence and the importance of dedication to Christ and the work given to them.

In addition, Pastor ministered to the youths to have a consciousness of the word of GOD, He said ” You are born again, you are going to break the barrier, be determined, have a habit of excellence and have a vision, dream big, the future of Africa is in your hands, don’t celebrate mediocrity.”

Finally, the man of God sending the youth forth with blessings told the youths to grab at any opportunity to spread the gospel and demonstrate the love of Christ.

The meeting closed with two first-timers eager to receive the Holy Spirit after the Man of God shared the Word.

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